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Our Team

There are many different approaches to counselling and our counsellors have different backgrounds, training, and experience which leads to a unique counselling experience suited to your needs as often there is not a one size fits all approach to therapy. If you are interested in a particular modality of counselling please let us know.

All of our therapists commit to ongoing professional development, which entails a minimum of 30 hours per year for the duration of their working life . They are insured and members of a regulatory body called the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (BACP)

Meet the team. jacqui

Jacqui - Lead Counsellor and Supervisor

I am an integrative counsellor, bringing an eclectic approach to sessions dependent upon the needs of the client. Although much of my work is in general counselling and pastoral care, I am experienced in therapeutic creative arts therapies, each underpinned by the core conditions of the person-centred approach, and respectful of each person’s spirituality.

I find people seek a counsellor when they are facing difficult times and want to talk things through in a respectful and non-judgemental space. Much of my work has been with abuse, domestic violence, rape, trauma and relationship issues, but whatever a person’s situation, I know that a safe and trusted relationship with a counsellor can be central to that person’s ability to gain insight and make meaning of their life.

I come from a pastoral background, initially as a lay counsellor in the late 80’s, then gaining professional qualifications in pastoral counselling and creative arts therapy working with all ages. I am a qualified clinical supervisor and an accredited member of the BACP, whilst also working as a pastoral coordinator for a large city church in Brighton & Hove, managing aspects of pastoral support, team building and skills training.

Meet the team. rob 2

Rob - Co-Lead Counsellor

I am a Person-Centred counsellor who loves facilitating groups, team building and supporting people to identify and develop their skills and talents, empowering them to find their own solutions to life’s difficulties.

My Person-Centred Art Therapy training has helped me understand how imagery can provide a rich and satisfying way of expressing strong emotion and truth. I have helped develop several therapeutic community homes and established a Care Farm using the principles of connection with nature, connection with people and connection with a structured working day.

I am a founding member of Friends First, a faith-based charity that seeks to empower and retrain the disadvantaged and long-term unemployed.

Meet the team. jon

Jonathan - Associate Counsellor

I have a background in Literature, and as a degree and MA student immersed myself in stories of all kinds. The power of stories to engage, draw insight, transform, and heal, fascinated me. However, my journey towards becoming a counsellor started when I began to wonder: what happens when our stories unravel, or become stuck? When we no longer have a sense of it being told, or being heard?

Working with homeless people in London and Brighton helped me to realise the value and dignity of individuals being listened to. Subsequent training in person-centred counselling opened my eyes to the potential of a strong therapeutic relationship in enabling individuals to find within themselves capacity and resources for sustainable growth and change, and for the therapeutic encounter to be the vehicle for that transformative process.
In sessions I offer a safe, empathic, curious, non-judgemental, and accepting space for clients to share their story in whatever way they choose to, at a pace they feel comfortable with. As well as being person-centred, I am also trained in other integrative styles, so that the client can benefit from assimilated techniques as and when they feel that might be helpful.

Meet the team. Lorna

Lorna – Associate Counsellor

I am a qualified person-centred counsellor and have spent many years working within mental health and housing. My experience is in supporting adults with enduring mental health and complex conditions to develop coping strategies and life skills.

I have a passion for mental health and well-being awareness and development. I enjoy empowering people to take, what can feel like daunting steps, towards self discovery. Sometimes people are faced with challenging situations, or finding that life has taken its toll and a listening ear and safe space is what they need to make sense of things.

I practise Person Centred Counselling which is client led, meaning I won’t be rushing you to achieve a goal or fix a situation, but working at your pace. This is because we all have unique answers to life within us, and often life’s troubles have prevented us from accessing them. Whether you need peace or empowerment, my aim is to provide a warm, non-judgemental space where you can be truly heard. I have experience working in the areas of loss and bereavement, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, stress and other mental health issues.

Meet the team. amanda

Amanda – Trainee Counsellor

I am a trainee counsellor, currently on placement with Charis Counselling. I particularly enjoy the person-centred approach which focuses very much on the needs of the client and I enjoy being part of the team.

I have had extensive training over the years in pastoral care and counselling, working with adults within the church setting and as a pastoral referral team member at Newday, the conference gathering 7000 youth each year, by coming alongside those who are struggling in many various areas of life. I currently work as the pastoral support to adolescents in a school in Hove, liaising with the SENCO and other agencies in the city and I have a passion to see young people and adults empowered to live life to its fullness and overcome the hurdles that they come across.

My hope is to become a fully qualified counsellor working within Charis but also using all the skills as I come alongside teens in my school and college. I have experience working with self harm, suicidal ideation, anxiety, bereavement and loss, eating disorders and many other mental health issues facing young people.

Meet the team. Sue

Sue – Associate Couples Counsellor

My passion and interest in getting alongside people became apparent when I joined YWAM (Youth With A Mission) over 20 years ago. After training I worked for the organisation in a pastoral role with staff members alongside supporting the missions department for Indonesia which involved leading teams on outreach to Bali and supporting students and church members as they worked into poor communities.

At that time I began my training as an integrative counsellor working from a foundational humanistic approach, which values the uniqueness, goodness and propensity of individuals for growth and change. I also value the importance of clients having a positive therapeutic relationship with their counsellor by offering a safe space to develop trust and whereby they can be real and open about their life experience.

I have been working in Sussex as a professional counsellor since qualifying, going on to acquire a counselling degree at Chichester University, and in recent years trained with Relate as a Couples Counsellor. My experience spans relationship issues, adult survival of childhood abuse, eating disorders including obesity, anxiety, stress and depression, incorporating techniques from various modalities including CBT, Mindfulness, Transactional Analysis and using creative therapeutic techniques.

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